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We're all dancing

To the same sad song

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Lover of crime drama's/Lover of supernatural TV shows/Lover of horror
Hater of lies/betrayal/ignorance and ignoring/friends who are not friends
Loves music, rain, tea, cats, chocolate, baked potatoes, madness, games, youtube, sleeping

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.hack//sign, air, almost human, alternate reality, another, antique bakery, aquarion, aquarion evol, arguing on youtube, arrow, avengers, baked potatoes, barry allen, being amazing, binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love!, bones, boueibu, brave 10, brothers conflict, captainsparklez, cardcaptor sakura, castle, cats, chips, chocolate, clannad, comedy, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, dn angel, doctor who, dragon ball z, durarara!!, elementary, escaflowne, excel saga, felicity smoak, final fantasy, fruits basket, game grumps, ghost hunt, ghosts, gravitation, guardians of the galaxy, gundam wing, hellsing, highschool of the dead, himitsu, horror movies, huskymudkipz, i'm a goofy goober, inu x boku, inuyasha, iron man, jerichoafk, kanon, kill la kill, king of the squirrels, kyo kara maoh!, ldshadowlady, let's plays, loki, lordminion777, loveless, macross plus, maria-sama ga miteru, markiplier, marvel, mianite, minecraft, modi101, monochrome factor, muyskerm, natsume yuujinchou, ncis, neo angelique abyss, oliver queen, ouran high school host club, outlaw star, paranormal, perception, plurk, prince of tennis, psych, raedwulfgamer, ranma 1/2, ranting, resident evil, roleplaying, rurouni kenshin, scares, screen junkies, shadow hearts, sherlock, shinpuri, shounen onmyouji, shugo chara!, shut up nurse!, silliness, sket dance, sleepy hollow, smitty werbenjagermanjensen, some anime, special a, speed is key!, spn, starlord, supernatural, supernatural the animation, tactics, tcg, tea, team four star, tenchi muyo!, tenipuri, the 100, the big bang theory, the flash, the mentalist, thesyndicateproject, thor, trigun, tsubasa chronicle, vikkstar123, wharfstache, wolf's rain, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yamimash, ygotas, yu yu hakusho, zombie loan
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